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Graphite Business Management prides itself on not being a run of the mill management consulting business. Our services are founded on real experiences as an executive charged with delivering value and results. As a consequence, when we engage as a business coach, we do so not only with technical coaching experience, but also with a deep understanding of goals, challenges and the loneliness the role can sometimes deliver. 

Having served on boards ranging from FTSE 250 Plc, private equity, charities and SME's, we know what good looks like. We understand what good Governance looks like but also the value a really strong Board can deliver to the performance of a business.

​Trust Graphite Business Management to support the delivery of results, remember, our business  services have a proven track record, not only in the UK, but globally in some of the most challenged sectors.

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Engaging a motivational speaker or meeting facilitator ensures you deliver a professional image.

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​​We work with Boards and management teams from SME through to FTSE listed, creating value through strong Governance and challenge

Welcome to Graphite Business Management: Executive coaching and business support solutions for businesses in the UK

We have over 30 years of hands on experience, leading some of industries biggest businesses.

Now dedicated to making your business stronger in every way 

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​​High impact, high intensity. Our Coaching sessions deliver results.... guaranteed.

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